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This FREE training is for all the parents who are struggling to stay positive during these not so positive times. I go deep on a parenting technique called "The Nurtured Heart Approach," (NHA) which I've shared with clients in my office, to crowds of people during speaking engagements as well as in podcast episodes that have been downloaded now well over a million times throughout the world.
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The Path Back Addiction Recovery

The Path Back Course consists of over 40 high-quality videos, along with an online workbook that provides you with tools that will immediately help you on your journey to recovery. For less than the cost of one session of therapy, you will gain access to a self-paced, action-based program that will help you break free from pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behavior. The course also includes access to a forum where you can interact with other people on their journey to recovery.
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Pornography Addiction Resources for Partner

Admitting you're a drug addict or alcoholic can be difficult, but when it comes to pornography addiction, the pain of betrayal can hit the addict's partner worse than the addict himself. With He's a Porn Addict...Now What?  you'll get pertinent answers from both sides of the equation: from a therapist and from a former pornography addict.
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